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Millet Seeds Sweet Soup Recipe (Chè Hạt Kê)

Millet Seeds Sweet Soup (Chè Hạt Kê) is one of my favorite Vietnamese Dessert Recipes on these days. These seeds are really delicious. My mom usually cooks this dish for me. The great combination between mung bean and millet seeds is really amazing. It is not only cheap, but also really is “Vietnam”. My mom told me this dish comes from Huế City. In the past, most people did not have enough rice for eating, so they mix many kind of fruit and vegetables together. One of them is Millet Seeds.
If you are gourmet and love Vietnamese Cuisine, I think you should not miss one of stunningVietnamese Dessert Recipes like this dish. Are you ready to know its recipe now? When you do want to cook, please follow our instructions below carefully and let us start cooking right now.


1 bowl millet seeds
½ bowl mung bean (no cover)
Sugar, salt
Dried rice cracker (Bánh Đa) – Buy at Vietnamese Markets.


Step 1: Clean mung bean in 2 – 3 times. Next, soak into cold water added a little salt in 1 hour. Do the same process with millet seeds.


Step 2: Bring Mung Bean to steam and grind well.
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